Note 114

Bugatti T35B in sound and motion


     The sound* is of a T35B driven post-WW2 on an ordinary road, so not at full racing speed, and mostly recorded from the cockpit. Stewart Tresilian, who raced a T35 at Donington, once said that the “tearing calico” sound of a prewar Bugatti at speed was caused by the rock-hard springs causing the narrow tyres on a less-than-smooth track to slip and grip!

*youtube.com. Sports Car Digest.

Bugatti T35B

DASO 887

William Grover (nom de course “Williams”) winning the 1st Monaco Grand Prix in 1929.

His T35B was painted British Racing Green, presumably because it had been bought for him by a girl friend (D/Tel. 30 March 2002. In DASO 887 he is described as a Bugatti works driver, which apparently was not the case on that occasion). The headgear was not even a flying windcap but was an ordinary flat cap worn back-to-front!.

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