Note 117

Lago-Talbot T26C in sound and motion


     The yellow T26C represents the car raced over 1948-1951 by Johnny Claes of Belgium in its national colours.

It is noteworthy that a nominal 2-seater version of the T26C Grand Prix car, fitted with road-going equipment, won the 1950 24 Hours of Le Mans. This was driven for all-but-2 laps by Louis Rosier, (his son drove those).

The sound is from You-Tube by Dusan Neumann.

Louis Chiron driving a Lago-Talbot

DASO 940

Louis Chiron driving a Lago-Talbot T26C in the 1949 French Grand Prix.

If your browser does not support audio playback and you would like to hear the sound of the car, please download the files: MP3 or Vorbis


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