This is the 60th extension (4th August 2020) of a website which is not a commercial project, and which has now been running for 11 years. The format basically provides analyses of the engines for 'Grand Prix Cars-of-the-Year' (CoY) from 1906 to 2000. Motor-cycle data is also included.

As an introduction to Note 137(see below), here is the finish of the 2019 Indianapolis 500, when Simon Pagenaud
(Dallara/Chevrolet: yellow car) won by 0.2 seconds

Many items have been added which are post-2000. For these please consult Notes 13 Part 1/A,108,108B,111,112,119,120,121,129 (see list at end of Contents)

and Corrections and Additions at PP 1,7, Note 13 Part II at P.10,17,31,44 and 69.

The main period is sub-divided into 5 Eras:-
  • 1st Naturally-Aspirated (1NA), 1906 - 1923;
  • 1st Pressure-Charged (1PC), 1924 - 1951;
  • 2nd Naturally-Aspirated (2NA), 1952 - 1982;
  • 2nd Pressure-Charged (2PC, Turbo-Charged, TC), 1983 - 1988;
  • 3rd Naturally-Aspirated (3NA), 1989 onward.
As a quick introduction to the site, some visitors may like to view a small selection of the cars listed as "Grand Prix Cars-of-the-Year" (CoY).

This is provided in Note 127

Checking on this will give links to the selection.


Overview & Analyses

The 49th enlargement used the latest data to provide the following:-

These 3 sections are a set which should be read consecutively.

Chart A1, from the Analysis UPDATE Part 2, gives a general look overall using the Parameter ECOM (see below) of the basic review 1906-2000, plus some added information on 2001-2018.

Combined Efficiency (ECOM) 1906-2006


Combined Efficiency (ECOM) is defined in an Addendum to the
1st Naturally-Aspirated Era (1NA)

  •                EV = Volumetric
  •                EC = Combustion
  •                EM = Mechanical

The details for the engines are given in Appendix 1 under row 130.

The Contents section below gives links to these Eras and to various general chapters on racing engine design and development.

Recently 4 new Appendices have been added to the site (see Contents):-

Each of these Appendices has associated ILLUSTRATIONS


Visitors should consult CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS and also CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS PART 2 for the latest data on some entries where an index is provided for Engines (P.i) and another for Subjects (P.ii) to help locate changes.


The 37th enlargement added a new section:

  • 'A Century of Grand Prix Engine Weights, 1906 - 2005'.

             Figure 1 from this section is shown below:-
  • Figure 1 from 'Grand Prix Engine Weights'


    There have been recent enlargements which have contained the following items, all linked here:


    The portraits of the Designers in the sidebar are extended to show many more men involved in the 'Car of the Year' which is the core of the website


    Appendix 1 is now fully updated with the changes. It includes the Weight Function (WF) on line 138.


    Visitors' attention is drawn to the section
    Grand Prix Motorcycle Engine Development, 1949 - 2008

    Other motorcycyle data is given in


    A general thesis linked to Note 66 and Note 124 (see below) is also accessible here as a Natural Rule of Thumb.


    The Contents of the whole review are as follows: